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The facilities being built today and on the boards for the coming years are far more technically advanced than ever before. Moreover, with stricter energy codes and a competitive landscape for NetZero buildings, the pressures put on a building’s mechanical, electrical, life safety and telecommunications systems have created an increased demand for higher-level commissioning services earlier in the design and construction process.

To ensure built facilities and installed systems perform together in accordance with clients’ operational requirements, Hainline's commissioning and startup processes validate the construction integrity and confirm the operability of the facility in terms of its performance, reliability, safety, and security. Our experts contribute to the configuration of facilities in their planning stage, participate in optimization studies in their design phase, witness equipment and system functional testing during the construction phase, and develop
operator readiness plans and training to achieve an effective transition into building
readiness and move-in.


Hainline's role is thoughtful of your project and team needs. Leveraging the expertise of stakeholders and your in-house staff, we can be brought on as the Owner's Representative, Test Engineer, or Commissioning Authority for any building type. With our in-house certified measurement and verification specialists and mechanical engineers,  we are nimble and well-qualified to facilitate the successful completion of all commissioning activities. 

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