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Dryer Facility | Darigold

The Darigold Dryer Facility involved an insurance claim submitted by Darigold subsequent to a fire in 2012 at its Lynden facility. Damages to the building resulted in a significant redesign and reconstruction to meet current codes and industry standards. The insurer initially denied significant amounts of the submitted reconstruction costs as being non-

reimbursable under the terms of the insuring agreements. 

Hainline’s services included: a review of the prime contractor’s initial budgets, a review of the insurer’s job cost audit, and verification of the prime contractor’s actual costs. Hainline also prepared a claim narrative to accompany final cost submissions to the insurer addressing both entitlement issues and quantification of reimbursable costs. The project concluded with a negotiated settlement between Darigold and its insurer(s). 

Location: Lynden, WA

Completion Date: 2013

Scope: Project Forensics and Analysis

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