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Jerry Hainline

Arbitrator & Senior Advisor

A seasoned professional, Jerry Hainline has over 45 years of experience in fast-paced construction, general management, operations, marketing, administration, and construction consulting. His in-depth knowledge of the construction industry has proven invaluable to clients. Jerry's expertise includes construction management, contract dispute analysis, claim preparation and defense, and settlement negotiations. His depth of experience includes managing projects with budgets in excess of one billion dollars to working and solving multi-million dollar claims. Jerry has been trusted by contractors, owners, and public agencies to oversee, manage, resolve, and rescue projects, disputes, and companies.


Jerry is a consummate expert witness and has been qualified as an authority in construction management, scheduling, cost accounting, and contract interpretation. As a mediator and arbitrator in construction cases, he has utilized his construction knowledge and experience to resolve disputes fairly and equitably. 

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