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USS Standley

United States Navy

Hainline’s was retained to prepare an added cost claim involving the retrofitting of the ship, USS Standley, for the pipe insulation on behalf of the demolition contractor, E.J. Bartells.


The original construction of the William H. Standley ship began in 1962. From June 1990 to 1992 the USS Standley received a comprehensive overhaul including New Threat Upgrade, a major anti-aircraft warfare systems improvement.


After more than 27 years of service, the USS Standley was decommissioned in 1994. The USS Standley was purposefully sunk during a fleet exercise in June 2005. The ship is now an artificial reef in the Coral Sea. The ship rests at 4,526 meters. 

Location: Coral Sea

Size: 457 ft. (length)

Completion Date: 2005 (Struck and sunk)

Scope: Project Forensics and Analysis

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