Hainline's Yong Lee Dunbar Attends Jeffersonian Dinner on STEM Education and Equity

Yong Lee Dunbar, Hainline’s Director of K-12 Construction Services, recently attended a Jeffersonian Dinner* on STEM Education and Equity, hosted by Washington STEM’s CEO, Caroline King. The issues of gender equity, accessibility, and advocacy in STEM outreach were common discussion points in the shared stories of each participant. Attendees included Washington STEM’s Caroline King, and Matt Cronin, along with nine other executives from Skanska, Avvo, Kaiser Permanente, etc. among the 11 participants. * A Jeffersonian Dinner, dating back to Founding Father Thomas Jefferson, is a dinner that includes around 8-14 participants, all gathered to discuss one topic over the course of a meal. Everyo

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