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4D Scheduling: The Leading Edge of Scheduling Technology

What is 4D Scheduling?

Hainline is proud to be at the leading edge of technology in our fields of expertise. New technology and tools give our clients an advantage in an ever-advancing and fast-paced environment. Among these advancements is 4D scheduling.

Using information from Revit or other 3D modelling software, each object in the building model is tied to a schedule activity. 4D scheduling merges the visual power of a building model with the scheduling element of time (4D).

Hainline 4D Services

Hainline 4D scheduling experts merge a traditional critical path Gantt chart with the visual informational power of a 3D building model, which allows our clients and their stakeholders to see a time-phased, visual representation of the schedule. Using this presentation method, Hainline’s 4D schedules provide a more intuitive and natural way to understand the schedule.

Hainline’s 4D scheduling services provide an excellent tool to communicate complicated logic diagrams and Gantt charts to field personnel, executive management, clients, and their stakeholders.

Project Benefits

Effective Schedule Presentation

Hainline’s 4D scheduling professionals us 4D scheduling to make presentations of project phasing, planning, and scheduling intuitive and easy to follow by visually showing the construction plan.


With Hainline’s 4D scheduling expertise, we easily communicate high-level phasing plans to the executive leadership team, the public, government & city officials, and other external stakeholders.

Payment Applications

Hainline’s 4D scheduling specialists use 4D scheduling to align and justify the payment application with site progress quickly, by comparing actual progress against the 4D model.

No Missed Scope

Hainline’s 4D scheduling specialists assure all scope is included in the schedule, using 4D scheduling to tie each object in the model to a schedule activity. Multiple objects can be linked to one schedule activity.

Field Benefits

Trade Interaction

Instead of trying to train foreman and site superintendents to read complicated scheduling software like Primavera P6, Hainline’s 4D scheduling experts use 4D scheduling to coordinate work with subcontractors and foreman visually.

Field Safety

With Hainline’s 4D scheduling proficiency, we help site safety managers plan and address safety issues by visually walking through activities to identify risks.

Cost & Change Orders

By visually demonstrating a change and its effects to the overall project using software like Synchro, Hainline’s 4D schedulers help discuss, mitigate, and evaluate project change orders with project stakeholders.

Equipment Planning

Our 4D schedulers use resource loading to manage equipment moves and materials storage. With the aid of 4D scheduling software, we can help with planning crane moves visually across the site.

Four-Week Look-Aheads

The 4D schedules Hainline scheduling specialists produce provide an interactive and visually intuitive way to communicate four-week look-aheads to field personnel.

About Hainline

Founded in 1981, Hainline earned its reputation as a trusted partner in project management. The Hainline team is a multidisciplinary group of architects, engineers, schedulers, and construction management leaders who share a passion to serve our clients and communities.

Hainline is a King County Small Contractor and Supplier Certified Business (SCS #2201), a Veteran-Owned Business, and a self-certified Small Business Enterprise based on the criteria set forth by the Small Business Administration.

Additional Services

  • 4D Scheduling/Construction Scheduling

  • Project Management

  • Construction Management

  • Project Controls

  • Claims Entitlement Analysis

  • Claims Quantum Analysis

  • Staff Augmentation

  • Forensic Analysis

If you are interested in an in-house demonstration of our 4D capabilities, Hainline is at your service.


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