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Scheduling Services

Our schedulers and project controls specialists have a reputation throughout the region for quality and thoroughness. Our services include strategies to manage scope, accurately and frequently evaluate costs, and manage risks. 
Construction Scheduling 
A successful project requires that a realistic construction schedule is developed, monitored, and updated throughout a construction project. Our clients can use the schedule as a planning tool to help make intelligent, data-based decisions for the project. Hainline draws on a deep pool of boots-on-the-ground construction experience to assist contractors in development, updating, and management of the schedule to greatly increase the probability of timely project completion. 

Guidelines & Guardrails of Construction Scheduling,
presented to the AGC Western Washington Northern District  December 2020

Schedule Analytics
Analyzing contractor’s schedules for conformance to the Contract Documents – and industry standards for construction scheduling – is critical. In addition to construction management directives issued by local, state, and federal government agencies, Hainline assures that standards published by the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering International (AACEi), the Project Management Institute (PMI) and DCMA standards are also reviewed and upheld.  Hainline performs a rigorous and meticulous schedule analytics review process to provide actionable intelligence based on data and metrics.  This review provides early warning signs of project failure and allows management to make corrective action earlier in the project to avoid disaster.

4D Scheduling 
Hainline is proud to be at the leading edge of technology in our fields of expertise.  New technology and tools give our clients an advantage in an ever-advancing and fast-paced environment. Among these advancements is 4D scheduling. 4D scheduling takes a traditional critical path Gantt chart and merges it with the visual informational power of 3D building models. Each part of the 3D model is tied to a critical path schedule activity, which allows one to see the schedule in a time-phased, visual representation. This presentation method provides a more intuitive and natural way to understand the schedule for anyone without a scheduler’s expertise. It is an excellent tool to communicate complicated logic diagrams and Gantt charts to field personnel, executive management, and clients.
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