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North Mason School District | Project Update

As the school year winds up to start, the recently completed North Mason High School is getting ready to open it's doors for the second year to welcome in students. Construction Project Manager from Hainline, Eric Nelson exclaimed, "There has been a lot of excitement going on out here for the past few years! It has been a very busy campus and we're still going!"

Included in the construction of the new high school came a new practice field and spotless new gymnasium (go Bulldogs!). The high school also includes new class wings, a central kitchen, common areas, and performing arts spaces.

Other construction included a brand new non-traditional high school facility, James A Taylor High School, which was completed in March earlier this year.

Among other projects currently in progress on the North Mason Campus, Hainline is helping the district manage the conversion of the old high school into the new Hawkins Middle School- expected to be completed around December to be open for students after winter break. The new Administration Annex was started in June and will be completed in October. Summer work on the annex included re-roofing, and completion of the exterior.

Hainline is proud to be a part of these campus wide upgrades and are excited to see these projects through to completion, creating great new learning spaces for students, and new working spaces for staff.

“Mr. Nelson has provided outstanding support to our district throughout the project. He consistently goes above and beyond to support the district, our staff and students, and to ensure optimum results. Thank you!” – Dana Rosenbach, Superintendent


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