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Everett Stitz Retires!

Retirement: a phase when family and leisure take our focus after years of hard work and dedication; when we get to put to rest the hectic schedules we once obeyed religiously and learn to settle into a new pace of living. After 50 years of providing expertise and knowledge to the Construction Industry, we are excited and honored to congratulate Everett Stitz on his retirement!

Hainline is privileged that Everett dedicated the last twenty-seven years in the work force to our team! While at Hainline he provided expertise in budgeting, engineering, estimating, investigation of disputes, change analysis, and project management. He also contributed humor, impressive crossword puzzle skills, an always-positive outlook, and steadiness to our company.

While it's bittersweet to say farewell to a coworker and friend, we were honored to celebrate Everett's retirement yesterday, accompanied by his wife and friends. Everett is esteemed by all of his coworkers and has contributed significantly to our culture.

We hope that Everett's retirement brings the contentment and relaxation that he has earned! May Everett's former work demands be replaced with leisure, long visits with family, and pleasure in life's small joys.

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