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Hainline to Host Up-Coming SAVE International VMA Certification Course in January

Hainline is pleased to host a SAVE International Value Methodology Associate (VMA) Certification course, January 22-26 at our office in Downtown Seattle. If you are interested (or you think you know someone who may be), we invite you to participate.

For the second year, Hainline will host RHA, the instructors who will lead this 40-hour course, designed for those involved in Planning, Design, and/or Construction projects. Upon completion of this course, participants are eligible to take the VMA exam administered through SAVE International.

Space is limited, and the deadline to sign up is January 5th.

About the VMA Certification Course

This course is designed for individuals involved in planning, design and construction projects, including planners, architects, engineers, construction managers, contractors, cost estimators and owners. Additionally, individuals in manufacturing and industry including program managers, product managers, engineers, designers, etc. Learn an extremely valuable process to help you make improvements, seek out innovation and opportunities to projects, products and even the way you and your company does business. This course is also the first step in the certification process and includes a demonstration project to apply what you learn.

About the Instructor

Patrice “Pat” Miller, CVS, Managing Partner, RHA, LLC

Pat is a Certified Value Specialist and leads project teams to optimize function, performance and costs using the value methodology (VM). She has taught the Module I Workshop and has great passion for VM and teaching others. Pat serves as President of the Arizona Chapter of SAVE International. In 2014, she was awarded “Rising Star” by SAVE International. Pat leads very up-tempo and enjoyable classes with the motto “learn while having fun.”


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