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Hainline Hosts Tesla STEM HS students for Built Environment Series Session 1

On Wednesday, October 4, Hainline kicked off the 2017-2018 Built Environment Series with “Session 1: Intro to Architecture.” Yong Lee Dunbar, Hainline’s Director of K-12 Construction Services, taught the session to 15 select students from Tesla STEM High School in the Lake Washington School District.

The Session began with a brief overview of the profession of architecture, followed by a Malcom Gladwell-inspired “Blink”/Design Critique exercise. In this exercise, students are exposed briefly to an architectural image, and they must quickly decide what they like or dislike about the design by analyzing the design’s intent, composition, context, scale, etc.

Next, Yong discussed the educational requirements for becoming an architect, and the careers adjacent to architecture, such as Project Management and Construction Project Management. The session concluded with an opportunity for students to apply what they learned by diving into an architectural drawing set of a real-world K-12 construction project. For example, the STEM students learned to read and understand Code Analysis drawings.

About the Built Environment Series

Hainline, Skanska, and DLR Group have partnered to host the STEM Built Environment Series, which introduces 15 students from Lake Washington School District's Tesla STEM High School to the professions of architecture, engineering, construction management, and digital production. The students learn through lecture and hands-on exercises and site visits. This series was founded by Yong Lee Dunbar in 2012 as a curriculum bridging externship for Tesla STEM High School students interested in learning about architecture, engineering, sustainability, and construction management. Participating student bloggers write about their experiences throughout the session, which lasts through March of 2018.

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