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GCCM Delivery Method

Trending as a viable delivery method for some public works clients, General Contractor/ Construction Manager (GCCM) is one of two alternative public works delivery methods in which Hainline also specializes. One key differentiator between GCCM and Design-Bid-Build is that GCCM brings the General Contractor (GC) on board early, to engage the GC during the design phase. This collaboration is intended to meet ambitious cost and scheduling needs, while also managing quality.    
As a GCCM Advisor, Hainline guides the owner through the alternative public works approval process with the Capital Projects Advisory Review Board (CPARB). Per RCW 39.10.300 and RCW 39.10.340, the Project Review Committee of CPARB reviews and approves public works projects seeking GCCM or Design-Build. Concurrently, Hainline leads the coordination with the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)for state matching funds. 
Hainline is not only an advocate for the owner, we try to bring fair perspective to every GCCM-related situation.
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